Ongoing development


For F3D users:

  • Added a new option --point-type used to specify how to display points sprites
  • Added support for 3D Gaussians Splatting in binary .splat format
  • Added ability to cycle through available animations by pressing W hotkey
  • Added display of current animation name within cheatsheet
  • Added orthographic camera projection option (--camera-orthographic) and binding (5)
  • Added proper continuous integration for MacOS ARM64
  • Added support for glTF Draco encoded file
  • Added support for dark title bar on Windows
  • Added support for colormap presets, using --colormap-file option
  • Added a option to reload file automatically when changed on disk (--watch)
  • Added support for streaming output images to stdout, using - filename
  • Added animation support to Alembic plugin
  • Improved OCCT plugin (STEP and IGES files) performance drastically
  • Improved config file parsing so that it is parsed in file order
  • Fixed an issue with blur circle of confusion
  • Fixed an issue with the grid being clipped
  • Fixed an issue with STEP file coloring
  • Fixed an issue when time range was not starting at zero
  • Fixed an issue when record file does not exist
  • Fixed an issue when using --no-render and --hdri
  • Fixed an issue with the Windows thumbnailer with process never properly killed
  • Fixed an issue where OCCT would output to terminal
  • Fixed an issue with FISH completion

For libf3d users:

  • Added a new option model.point-sprites.type used to specify how to display points (only if model.point-sprites.enable is true)
  • Added a image::toTerminalText method to print image to terminal text
  • Added an image metadata API
  • Added a vtkext module for plugin developer, see the documentation
  • Added a new f3d component to find_package of, pluginsdk, require to build plugins against F3D

For F3D packagers:

  • Added a CMake report at the end of configuration
  • Added a new cmake installation component, plugin_sdk, needed to compile external plugin against F3D
  • Added a new cmake installation component, colormaps, needed for the colormap feature
  • Fixed multiple issue with static (BUILD_SHARED_LIBS=OFF) build
  • Fixed a compilation issue with gcc14
  • Fixed a compilation issue with OCCT 7.8.0


For F3D users:

  • Added --animation-autoplay option (libf3d: scene.animation.autoplay) to automatically start animation on file load
  • Added an experimental vdb plugin in order to read .vdb files using OpenVDB
  • Added an usd plugin in order to read .usd files using OpenUSD
  • Added .3mf and .x files support in the assimp plugin
  • Added a small margin between the model and the grid to avoid potential z-fighting
  • Added VTK output to the log when using --verbose=debug for easier debug
  • Reworked the alembic plugin to read Texture Coordinates and Normals for .abc files
  • Improved the reading of EXR files using multi-threading for better performance when loading HDRIs
  • Improved the documentation on
  • Improved general logging in order to make it easier to understand issues with file and options
  • Fixed potential crashes when reading assimp plugin file formats
  • Fixed --grid-absolute for off-center models
  • Fixed an issue with thumbnail generation showing the log window
  • Fixed many interaction issues on non-Qwerty keyboard layout
  • Fixed handling of filenames containing commas
  • Fixed an issue on Windows where the log window would appear on top of F3D window
  • Fixed crashes with specific .obj file
  • Fixed an issue with incorrect return code when using headless mode or incorrect options
  • Fixed dependency issue with the headless .deb binary release
  • Fixed a crash when using a file with more than 254 bones (Requires OpenGL 4.3)
  • Fixed an issue with Unicode filenames on the title bar on Windows
  • Fixed an issue where focal point picking would generate error messages
  • Changed --verbose into a string based option, eg: --verbose=quiet or --verbose=debug. --verbose is still supported.
  • Changed --no-render behavior so that it doesn’t impact verbosity anymore
  • Changed the default configuration file so that translucency support is enabled by default
  • Deprecated --quiet, use --verbose=quiet instead
  • Deprecated --input, use positional argument instead

For libf3d users:

  • Added scene.animation.autoplay option
  • Added a f3d::image::saveBuffer API to save an image as a file format in memory
  • Fixed the default name of the window

For F3D packagers:

  • Added a new optional dependency, OpenUSD. Enable with F3D_PLUGIN_BUILD_USD CMake option
  • Added a new optional dependency through VTK, OpenVDB. Enable with F3D_PLUGIN_BUILD_VDB CMake option
  • Added a new CMake option to control the link against libatomic. Control with F3D_LINUX_LIBRARY_LINK_ATOMIC
  • Added two new packages to the list, OpenMandriva and Mageia


For F3D users:

  • Added a native Apple Silicon release package
  • Added new options hdri-file, hdri-ambient, hdri-skybox to have more control on the HDRI behavior
  • Added a default HDRI used when providing no hdri-file
  • Added bindings to toggle HDRI ambient lighting (F) and HDRI skybox (J)
  • Added bindings to move the camera to standard locations: 1: Front, 3: Right, 7: Top, 9: Isometric
  • Added Open CASCADE BRep format to the OCCT plugin.
  • Fixed an infamous issue when the Windows thumbnailer always steal the focus
  • Fixed an issue with the binary release when opening draco files
  • Fixed an issue with matcap textures
  • Fixed an issue with HDRI lighting
  • Fixed an issue with HDRI lighting when dropping HDRI after a model
  • Fixed an issue where invalid option would not show on Windows
  • Fixed an issue where previously loaded file would stay visible
  • Fixed an issue when loading invalid EXR file as HDRI
  • Fixed cheatsheet menu rendering under ‘Drop File Instructor’
  • Fixed raytracing rendering issues
  • Improved cheatsheet menu contrast for any background color
  • Improved overall text contrast for any background color
  • Improved performance when changing model and using a HDRI
  • Improved HDRI cache performance
  • Deprecated hdri option

For libf3d users:

  • Reworked image API to support many file formats to read (EXR, HDR) and write (PNG, JPG, TIF, BMP)
  • Added render.hdri.file, render.hdri.ambient, render.background.skybox options.
  • Deprecated render.background.hdri in favor of new options above
  • Deprecated previous image API
  • Add loader::loadGeometry allowing loading geometry from memory buffers

For developers:

  • Added a deprecation framework
  • Added a Getting Started guide for beginners developers

For F3D packagers:

  • Fixed compatibility with FreeBSD


For F3D users:

  • Reworked Animation support and added many animation related options
  • Added --camera-direction and --camera-zoom-factor and use it in default config file
  • Added --texture-matcap option to load a MatCap texture
  • Added support for opening HDRI background with Drop
  • Added .exr support for HDRI and textures
  • Improved HDRI caching performance
  • Added a EGL headless binary release
  • Added typo suggestion when failing to use the right option name
  • Added --invert-zoom option (libf3d: interactor.invert-zoom) to invert zoom direction with right-click on mouse
  • Added support for keeping camera position when reloading a file with UP key
  • Added a --grid-absolute option (libf3d: render.grid.absolute) to position the grid instead of being below the model
  • Added a “Drop Zone” when starting F3D without loading a file
  • Added coloring support for STEP files in binary release
  • Fixed an issue on Windows where the error window would popup even with --quiet
  • Fixed an issue with 16 bit and 32 bit textures with assimp plugin
  • Fixed an issue on Windows where errors where not visible
  • Fixed an HDRI issue on reload
  • Fixed a crash when with the progress bar on reloading a file
  • Fixed an issue where certain options from config file would be ignored
  • Fixed a crash with many GLTF files when an array does not have a name
  • Fixed an issue where dropping a duplicate file would change the loaded file instead of not doing anything
  • Fixed an issue when loading an unsupported file
  • Fixed an issue with VRML files
  • Improved config file for .ply files
  • Improved config file regex so that they are case-insensitive
  • Improved --up option to support no sign and better validation
  • Improved F3D version reporting about itself and VTK (--version)
  • Improved documentation, testing, help
  • Excluded TIFF format from Windows Thumbnailer
  • Changed the automatic camera position to a version more close to the data
  • Reduced size of binary release by a factor of two

For developers:

  • Added vcpkg support for dependency installation

For F3D packagers:

  • Added a F3D_PLUGIN_OCCT_COLORING_SUPPORT CMake variable to control if this feature is compiled, default is ON
  • Added SONAME support
  • Added a F3D_PLUGINS_INSTALL_DIR CMake variable to control where to install plugins
  • Added a new module: F3D_MODULE_EXR that depends on openexr
  • Added support to use external cxxopts and external nlohmann-json
  • Fixed a link issue with VTK modules
  • Fixed a @loader_path issue on MacOS
  • Added support for CMAKE_INSTALL_*DIR variables on installation
  • Added support for building against a EGL enabled VTK
  • Fixed a compilation issue with VTK master

Contributors: @DeveloperPaul123 @topazus @bkmgit @snoyer @Meakk @mwestphal


For F3D users:

  • Removed --fullscreen options completely
  • Added a --position option to set the position of the F3D window
  • Added a --light-intensity option and associated bindings
  • Improved fish and zsh completion
  • Added a new interaction to center the camera on the point under the cursor using middle mouse button
  • Added HDRi caching for improved performance
  • Added scene bounding box to the dump interaction
  • Reworked lighting for fullscene format files
  • Improved grid rendering and customization greatly with new options
  • Improved HDRi blur performance and customization
  • Added support for reading config file directory instead of a single file
  • Changed config file location on Windows
  • PostFX option names have been changed
  • Added an interaction (down arrow) to load all files from the directory containing the current file
  • Added a --group-geometries option to load multiple default scene file into a single render window

For libf3d users:

  • Reworked loader API from scratch
  • Fixed an issue with engine creation in the Python bindings
  • Fixed an issue with image Python bindings
  • Improved libf3d examples
  • Added experimental javascript bindings based on webassembly/emscriptem
  • Added dynamic support for all model options
  • Added plugin SDK to create your own plugins for any file format

For F3D packagers:

  • Added plugins support for true optional dependencies
  • Added a F3D_APPLICATION_LINK_FILESYSTEM CMake option to control if F3D should link explicitly against libstdc++fs
  • Removed most of F3D_INSTALL_ options with the switch to a component-based approach
  • Removed installation of useless static libs from VTKExtensions (needs VTK master)
  • Fixed RPATH of F3D for system using lib64 instead of lib
  • Many CMake option name changed
  • Fixed data license to use only permissive license for F3D testing data
  • Removed packaging support from F3D

Contributors: @snoyer @mzf-guest @CharlesGueunet @myd7349 @allemangD @Meakk @mwestphal


  • Fix raytracing support
  • Fix macOS window positioning

Contributors: @mwestphal @Meakk


Main new features and fixes:

  • Introducing an alpha version of the libf3d, see below for more information
  • Added a –font-file option
  • Added support for Alembic file format (.abc). Geometry only. Thanks a lot @nyue.
  • Fixed many HDRI issues
  • Fixed an important drag and drop issue on linux

Other fixes:

  • Fixed many doc and UI typos
  • Fixed shell completion
  • Fixed multiple issue with image comparison
  • Fixed an issue with –line-width and –point-size with full scene formats
  • Fixed an issue with translucent object and RGBA texture
  • Fixed issues with a few specific .gltf files
  • Fixed a window title issue on MacOS
  • Fixed multiple issues with the output window on Windows
  • Fixed issues with file association and thumbnails on Windows
  • Fixed a small issue with the cheatsheet not appearing in some cases
  • Fixed an issue with certain .obj files
  • Fixed a clipping issue when setting camera position
  • Removed fullscreen hotkey

For F3D developers:

  • Updated cxxopts to 3.0.0
  • Now using json.hpp for parsing json config file
  • Better reproducible build support
  • Improved CI with coverage, sanitizer, dedicated actions for dependencies
  • Complete rework of the architecture to separate F3D, the application, the libf3d (see below) and a VTKExtensions layer.
  • Improved unit testing by adding test in the libf3d and VTKExtensions layer

For libf3d users:

  • Introducing an alpha version of the libf3d!
  • The libf3d is a C++ library to open and render 3D meshes, it is of course used by F3D and supports python bindings
  • More info available in

Binary Release Information:

  • The binary release is not built with raytracing support
  • This binary release is built with assimp 5.1.2, animation for assimp formats is not working well

Contributors: @schuhumi @herrriehm @rafcon-dev @mzf-guest @nyue @jpouderoux @Meakk @mwestphal


Bug fixes and features:

  • Fixed a build issue on MacOS
  • Fixed a critical issue with the Windows Thumbnailer that could crash explorer.exe
  • Fixed the –quiet option so that it actually quiets VTK errors and warnings
  • Fixed an issue with output window popping up at each log on Windows
  • Added a .deb package for Linux Debian-based distros

For Packagers:

  • LFS file have been added in source code release, this seems to be retroactive, so hash of previous releases may have changed
  • Flatpack org name has been fixed

Contributors: @Meakk @mwestphal @jpouderoux


Main New Features:

  • Added STEP and IGES file format support thanks to @Open-Cascade-SAS /OCCT (thanks @drtrigon)
  • Added FBX, DAE, OFF, and DXF file format support thanks to @assimp /assimp
  • Added thumbnail support with many linux file managers
  • Added thumbnail support on Windows
  • Added desktop environment integration in linux
  • Added scalar and scalar component looping

Other New Features:

  • Added support for KHR_materials_unlit with glTF files (thanks @spiraloid)
  • Added option for selecting camera --camera-index (thanks @spiraloid)
  • Added coloring the to Windows error output window
  • Added a man entry on Linux
  • Added a --config option to select a config file to load instead of using default location
  • Added a --quiet option
  • Added --camera-azimuth and --camera-elevation options (thanks @tatsuya-s)
  • Added a metainfo.xml file (thanks @kevinsmia1939)

Issue Fixes:

  • Fixed an issue with opening files with accented char in the name on Windows (thanks @shankarsivarajan)
  • Fixed HDRI orientation with –up option (thanks @truhlikfredy)
  • Fixed an issue with point cloud rendering
  • Fixed a crash on exit on Windows
  • Fixed an issue with fullscreen window size on Windows
  • Fixed offscreen rendering (--output and --ref ) to actually use offscreen rendering
  • Fixed a memory leak when no rendering is performed (thanks @CharlesGueunet)
  • Fixed a rendering issue with certain GPU drivers
  • Fixed tone mapping with background opacity
  • Fixed non-working drag and drop implementation in VTK (thanks @msbit)
  • Fixed a potential sorting issue when opening a folder
  • Fixed a crash with unsupported glTF files in VTK

For Developers:

  • Full rework of the CI framework, including coverage report support
  • Full rework of the testing framework
  • Separation of vtkF3DRenderer in two classes
  • Separation of f3d executable into a libf3d library and f3d executable to support windows thumbnails

For Packagers:

  • New CMake options to select file to install, all documented and starting with F3D_
  • mime types file can be installed, make sure to trigger update-mime-databse
  • desktop file can be installed, make sure to trigger update-desktop-database

Packagers: AndnoVember @jokersus @kevinsmia1939 @yurivict @bcdarwin @mzf-guest @Meakk @mwestphal

Binary Release Information:

  • The binary release is not built with raytracing support
  • This binary release is built with assimp 5.1.2, animation for assimp formats is not working well

Contributors: @CharlesGueunet @kevinsmia1939 @mzf-guest @jpouderoux @Meakk @mwestphal


A patch release dedicated to package managers that makes F3D v1.1 compatible with vtk v9.1.0

  • Fix a render pass build issue with vtk 9.1.0
  • Fix a renderer build issue with vtk 9.1.0

Contributors: @Meakk @mwestphal


New Important Features:

  • Added direct scalars color rendering mode, see doc.
  • Added a turntable interactor and made it default. The previous interactor can still be used using a dedicated option. Thanks @orangebowlerhat @filip.sund and @jjomier for your suggestions.
  • Added animation support for glTF and Exodus files. Press space for playing the animation.
  • Added animation related option, –animation-index, only for glTF when using the full scene.

New Readers and format compatibility features:

  • Added skinning and morphing support with glTF files.
  • Added TIFF format support. Thanks @proudot for your suggestion.
  • Added exodus format support. Thanks @gvernon for your suggestion.
  • Added support for OBJ with color directly inside of it instead of using a .mtl file. Thanks @Chenge321 for your suggestion.

Quality of life features:

  • Added a hotkey (UP) to reload current file, thanks @caioaao.
  • Improved Alpha blending performance, thanks @paul.lafoix.
  • Changed the progress bar to a more nice looking one and made it appears only if loading takes time. Thanks @finetjul for the suggestion.
  • Improved logging mechanism with color on all OS and a dedicated output window on windows.
  • Added a warning when using RayTracing but it is not available.


  • Fixed an issue with skybox and edges.
  • Fixed a crash when an array had no name.
  • Fixed a window naming issue on OSX.
  • Fixed a symlink issue.
  • Fixed a coloring issue with dataset containing only cell data.


  • Upgraded the AUR f3d package to 1.1.0 :
  • Added a Brew f3d 1.1.0 package :
  • FreeBSD now contains a f3d 1.1.0 package, thanks to
  • NixOS now contains a f3d package, 1.1.0 should come soon, thanks to

How to support F3D:

  • Use the software.
  • Share it with anyone interested.
  • Star us on github:

Note: Binaries have no raytracing support.

Contributors: @Meakk @mwestphal


  • VisualStudio Runtime is now included into the windows release
  • Ensure VTK compatibility
  • Improve STL binary reader performances
  • Fix default configuration issues
  • Add support for Window icon on all OSes

Note: Binaries have no raytracing support.

Contributors: @Meakk @mwestphal


  • Documentation
    • Online documentation based on Hexo (
  • Rendering
    • Add volume rendering for 3D images
    • HDRI support (skyboxes, HDR files, Filmic tone mapping)
    • Point sprites for displaying point clouds
    • Color map customization (default one changed to “inferno”)
  • Interface
    • Drag&Drop files support
    • Supports opening of several files (or folder), use left/right arrow to navigate
    • Scalars field handling improvements
    • Cheat Sheet
    • Interactive hotkeys have been reworked
    • File association on Windows and OSX
    • Fullscreen mode
    • No background mode (useful when saving image to a PNG file with alpha channel)
  • Command line
    • Camera configuration
    • Metadata (field data) display
    • File name display
    • No render mode (useful to read information in the file)
    • Shell completion (supports bash, zsh, fish)
  • New readers
    • CityGML
    • PTS
  • Packages
    • Default config provide

Note: Binaries have no raytracing support.

Contributors: @Meakk @mwestphal @hlngrandmontagne Paul Lafoix


  • Fixes --version and --help crash

Contributors: @Meakk @mwestphal @jpouderoux


First release!

Contributors: @Meakk @mwestphal @jpouderoux