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Examples renderings with their associated command lines. Images and videos displayed below use public datasets, you can download them here.

Animated realistic rendering: f3d gearbox/scene.gltf --hdri=future_parking_2k.hdr -uqxtgas

Animated, skinned and morphed rendering: f3d dota/scene.gltf --hdri=future_parking_2k.hdr -uqxtgas

Animated scientific visualization rendering: f3d can.ex2 -xtgans --up=+Z --scalars=VEL

Direct scalars rendering of a point cloud: f3d Carola_PointCloud.ply --point-size=0 --comp=-2 -so --up=+Z --hdri=venice_sunset_8k.hdr

Raytraced CAD assembly: f3d 202.vtp -xtgans -rd --samples=10 --range=-2,9

Volume rendering of a security bag scan: f3d backpack.vti -vmn --range=300,1000 --colormap=0,0,0,0,1,1,1,1

Realistic rendering #1: f3d DamagedHelmet.glb --hdri=lebombo_4k.hdr -tuqap

Showcase of interactive widgets: f3d dragon.vtu -xtganse --comp=0

Metallic Rendering of a STEP file: f3d eta_asm.stp –hdri=future_parking_2k.hdr -uqxtga –up=+Z –metallic=1 –roughness=0.6 –color=0.98,0.90,0.59

Rendering of a FBX file: f3d zeldaPosed001.fbx –hdri=hikers_cave_2k.hdr -uqxtga

Realistic rendering #2: f3d FlightHelmet.glb --hdri=lebombo_4k.hdr -tuqap

Visualization of a CFD velocity field: f3d single-pin.vtp -xtbgans --range=-2,8 --colormap=0,0.3,0.7,0,0.7,0,0.1,1,1,0.8,0.8,0

Volume rendering of a medical skull scan: f3d skull.vti -vxbt --range=40,200

Point cloud rendering using sprites: f3d pointCloud.vtp -o --point-size=0.2 --colormap=0,0,0.8,0,0.4,0.9,0,0,0.8,0.9,0.9,0,1,0.5,0.5,1