Coding Style

F3D use different coding styles in each component, however there are some common rules

Common rules

Overall syntax:

  • CamelCase.
  • Avoid using using for namespaces.
  • Initialize variables in header when possible.
  • Local variables starts with a lower case char.
  • Class members starts with a upper case char.
  • Indents are two spaces.
  • One space between instruction and parenthesis.
  • Always add curly brace after instruction.
  • Curly brace one a new line, aligned with instruction.
  • Add //---------------------------------------------------------------------------- before any method in implementation.


void class::method()
  if (condition)
    std::vector<int> myIntVector = { 13 };


  • Organized by category: F3DApplication, libf3d, VTKExtensions, other deps, std, system.
  • Sorted inside category.

F3D Application rules

  • Class starts with F3D
  • Method starts with an uppercase char.

libf3d rules

  • Class starts with a lower case char.
  • Method starts with an lower case char.

VTKExtensions rules

  • Follow VTK rules
  • Method starts with an uppercase char.
  • Class starts with vtkF3D if inheriting from vtkObject.
  • Class starts with F3D if not inheriting from vtkObject.