F3D is able to play animations for any files which contain them. Play them either interactively or by selecting a specific time to display. For files containing multiple animations, F3D allows the user to either play each animation separately or play all animations at the same time.


This specific example uses an animation file which can be downloaded here.


Load the example animation file shown above by executing within command line: f3d InterpolationTest.glb

2 To view current animation name, press H to open up cheatsheet menu

3 Press W to cycle through available animations

4 Press space to play/pause current animation. Note: A red bar runs along the bottom of screen to indicate the current time interval of the animation sequence.

5 “All Animations” will play all animations at the same time.

Command line options

F3D animation behavior can be fully controlled from the command line using the following options.

Options Default Description
--animation-index   Select the animation to play.
--animation-index=-1   Play all animations at once (.gltf/.glb only).
--animation-speed-factor Time Unit = Seconds Adjust time unit.
--animation-frame-rate 60 FPS Adjust animation frame rate.

Animation Interactions

  • Press W to cycle through animations
  • Press Space to play/pause animation

Time Units

  • When F3D plays an animation, it assumes the time unit is in seconds to show accurate speed of animation.